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Necessary terms and conditions for registration of Artists/Kalakar/Murti Kala/Chitra Kala/Litterateur under the Chinhari scheme:-

  • 1. Be a local native of Chhattisgarh, as per the requirement, documents related to the residence will have to be submitted by the government authorized officer.
  • 2. For single Artist zero should be entered or for group members more than zero should be entered and fill all the member details i.e. Name, Contact no and address.
  • 3. Single Artist should be entered for Murti Kala/Chitra Kala/Litterateur schemes.
  • 4. Artists/institutions will be registered in only one of the genres and other genres prescribed by the department.
  • 5. In organization/party related disciplines, registration will be done in the name of head of the institution/head of the party and other members as assistants. Registration by other members of the organization/party as independent/other organization/party will not be allowed
  • 6. Registration will not be valid in the absence of one of the artist’s name, institution name, genre name, permanent address and telephone/ mobile number, Aadhar detail and pan details.
  • 7. If the institution is registered under the Chhattisgarh Government Societies Registration Act-1973, it will be necessary to mention the registration number/date.
Directorate of Culture and Archeology Raipur Chhattisgarh
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