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About Chhattisgarh Culture Department!


Chhattisgarh is well known for its rich cultural heritage that reflects various aspects of this beautiful state. Cultural life of Chhattisgarh comprises varied forms of traditional art and crafts, tribal dances, folk songs, regional festivals and fairs and amusing cultural fests. Mainly, Chhattisgarh is occupied by tribal people who have preserved their rich tribal culture modestly and religiously. Eastern parts of the state of Chhattisgarh are influenced with Oriya culture. People of the state are traditional and believe in simple way of living following their traditional customs and beliefs. It can be visibly observed in their food habits, festivals and fairs, costumes, ornaments, folk dance and music as well. Chhattisgarh also hosts various cultural fests like Chakradhar Samaroh, Sirpur Mahotsav, Rajim Kumbh and other Festival and Bastar Lokotsav etc. that showcase vibrant cultural life of the state.

Art, Culture and Archaeology

The State of Chhattisgarh will identify, recognize, document, revitalize present and disseminate the continuing cultural traditions of local communities. The Department will promote textual as well as non textual traditions, collection and documentation of tangible objects as well as recollection of intangible traditions, their ex situ display as well as in situ revitalization., try to work around existing cultural landscapes, festivals and institution, rather than create new ones to replakhe them.

The functional spectrum of the Department is rather wide, ranging from generating cultural an archaeological awareness at the grassroots level to promoting their exchanges at an international level.

The Department of Culture has undertaken different activities that include:

  • Maintenance and conservation of the heritage, ancient monuments and historic site of Chhattisgarh;
  • Promotion of literary, visual and performing arts;
  • Maintenance, preservation and conservation of the archival records;
  • Protection, conservation and documentation of cultural property;
  • Observation of different national and state festivals;
  • Promotion of institutional and individual initiatives in the fields of art and culture.

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