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Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh samman

The name of Veer Narayan Singh, the tribal people of Chhattisgarh, is most inspiring in the martyrdom of the martyrs of the 1857 freedom struggle. You were born in 1795 in the Zamindar family of Sonakhan. Your father Ramasai was a proud self and raised a sword against British and Bhosals during 1818-19, but Captain Maxan suppressed the rebellion.

Zamindar Ramasai was dominated by the power of the Binjwar tribesmen and organized power and the British made arrangements with them.

After the death of his father, in 1830 you became the landowner. Because of being a benevolent, fair and industrious ruler, he met the people of the zone and helped him properly. In 1854, after the merger of the English state, the fame was made in a new way which you resisted, the deputy commissioner of Raipur, Eliot, turned against you.

In 1856, Chhattisgarh came under severe grueling drought.People began to crave grains, but the Kashadol merchant Makhan's warehouse was full of food. Even when the trader is not ready to give grain, you have crushed the stocks of grain stores. The English government was in no mood to take any action against you. Elliott issued a warrant against you on the dealer's complaint.

On October 24, 1856, you were arrested in Sambalpur. On August 28, 1857, escaped from prison along with his three companions and reached Sonkhana and made an army of 500 gunmen and gave a tremendous fight against the British. After the horrific conflict, the British captured you from diplomacy and was hanged on December 10, 1857.

Keeping in view the motivating works of invoking the constant struggle against injustice, awakening the consciousness and awakening the awakening of the villagers to their fundamental rights, the Chhattisgarh government honored Shaheed Vir Narayan Singh in the field of tribal and backward class uplift in his memory. Has installed.

Samman Intake

Village Limha (Nawapara), Bilaspur
Saraitola, Gattasilli, Nagari, District Dhamtari
Tendubhata, Bemetara
Vill-Bhanpuri, Dhamtari
Bhitghara Bagicha, Distt-Jashpur

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