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Raja Chakradhar Singh Samman

Raja Chakradhar Singh was born on August 19, 1905 in the Raigarh Princely State. Famous by the name of Nanneh Maharaj, you got music in heritage. In those days the renowned musicians of the country had to visit regularly in the Raigarh region. In the vicinity of the connoisseur musicians, your interest in classical music is in place. After the death of your elder brother during Rajkumar College, Raipur, the burden of Raigarh principality came to your shoulders accidentally.

After coronation in 1924, with its philanthropic policy and soft spoken language, Raigarh became very popular in the principality soon. You also had good gains in different languages ​​with art connoisseur. You have specially known for Kathak. By sinking in the depths of your senses and music, you developed a special form of Kathak, which is known as Raigarh Gharana.

You have the credit to make Raigarh as the country's premier cultural center during the 23 years of its tenure. As a dedicated art seeker, you were well versed in high-quality scholars and musicals. You have prepared many new restrictions of Kathak The collection of these rare restrictions of dance and music came in the form of a musical book, in which the idols of Purna Pushpakara Tal-Toyanidhi, Raga-Ratna Manjuasha, and Nartan-Swargasam are specially remembered.

By looking at your specific contribution in the field of music, the Madhya Pradesh government has established the Chakradhar Dance Center in Bhopal. Remarkable meditation is remembered by his visionary thinking and integrity towards the music, dance and fine arts of Nagar-Raigarh and his King established as a music shrine of the country. You were born in Raigarh on October 7, 1947. Chhattisgarh Government has established Chakradhar honors for art and music in his memory.