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Guru Ghasidas Samman

In the tradition of Chhattisgarh, the name of Guru Ghasidas is paramount. You were born on 18 December 1756 in Giroud village in Raipur district. Your mother's name was Amarautin and father's name was Mahagudas. From the time of childhood, the sense of quietness in your heart was erupted. You have been opposing childhood and other mischief in the society since childhood. Your contribution in providing new direction to society is incomparable. Interview with Truth was the goal of your life.

By coming to Bhandapuri, you started continuing the Sermon's preaching, your seven verses are reputed in the form of Saturn principle of Satnam Panth, in which the belief in the Satnam, the idol of idol worship, beyond the character differences, the opposition of violence, the freedom of addiction, the prohibition of parochialism And in the afternoon, there is no farming.

From your teachings, the helpless people of society have the power of self confidence, identity of personality and the power to fight injustice. Successful in establishing the foundations of social and spiritual awakening, and there are millions of followers of Satnam sect promoted by you in Chhattisgarh.

Your life philosophy will continue to give humanity a message for ages. You are the powerful revolutionary master of the modern era. Your personality is such a lighthouse in which truth, nonviolence, compassion and purpose of life are sublime. Chhattisgarh Government has established Guru Ghasidas Samman in the social consciousness and social justice in his memory.

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