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Lala Jagdalpuri

Lala Jagdalpuri (born 17 December 1920) is a Hindi writer. they He is a resident of Bastar and is considered a representative poet of Chhattisgarhi poems. In his compositions composed of Halbi dialect, there is a predominance of makeup juice. of heroines
The beautiful, intoxicating portrayal is unique in Chhattisgarhi makeup literature. Apart from being originally a poet of Hindi, he also created substantial and remarkable creations in the halbi-bhari folk languages โ€‹โ€‹of Chhattisgarhi and Bastar. Several editions of his 'Halbi Folktales' have been published. His qualitative contribution in children's literature and writing has also been remarkable and commendable.
Along with writing, Jagdalpuri ji does teaching and farming work.He has great love for Bastar. He started writing in 1936.
Lalaji's life was devoted to literary journalism. He is editor in the weekly 'Angara' published by Krishna Kumar from Jagdalpur, by Thakur Pyare Lalji from Raipur.From Mahasamund, Assistant Editor in Published 'Deshbandhu'
Jaidev was editor in 'Sevak' published by Satpathyji and editor in weekly 'Bastariya' published in 'Halbi', the folk language of Bastar by Tushar Kanti Bose from Jagdalpur. The Government of Chhattisgarh has established Lala Jagdalpuri Samman for literature / regional literature in his memory.

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