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Chandulal Chandrakar Samman

Chandulal Chandrakar was born on 1 January 1921 in the farming family of Nipani village in Durg district. You were brilliant from childhood. During the initial education in the fort, you were always ready to solve the problem of the rural people. Before politics you have been involved in active journalism. From the time of World War II, you started journalistic journalists like habitual journalists.As a journalist since 1945, you started fame. Your news, including the Hindustan Times, started publishing in other newspapers in the country and abroad. You have a tremendous experience in reporting nine Olympic Games and three Asian Games. You served as an editor in the national newspaper Daily India. You were the first to reach the editor of the National Newspaper from Chhattisgarh. You sent bold news from the war zone. You have traveled almost all the countries of the world as a journalist.With the first election of the Lok Sabha in 1970, the participation in active politics started and the Lok Sabha was elected five times. You have served the country while taking charge of the minister of important departments like tourism, civil aviation, agriculture, rural development. You are active as a general secretary of All India Committee and a spokesman of the Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee. Chattisgarh remained the President of State All-Party Forum and gave new power to the state movement.Chandulal ChandraKar has a respectable place in the journalists who raise the scope of debate, raising burning issues from his writings. You died on February 2, 1995. Chhattisgarh government has established Chandulal Chandrakar Fellowship in the field of journalism in memory of Chhattisgarh for encouraging new generation inspiration from the person who brings glory to the nation through bold journalism, and encourages value based journalism.

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