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Ayurveda pranata Bhawan Dhanvantri Samman

Lord 'Dhanvantari', 'Ayodhyad ka Adi Dev', which is known as Pancham Veda, is considered to be one of the fourteen gems made from the Kshirsagar's fuel, which are descended from this priceless life, health health knowledge and medicine filled with nectar-urn Happened . In Devasur Sangram, the wounded devas were treated only by Lord Dhanvantri. Lord Dhanvantri was recited repeatedly in the world for the health and welfare of the world.
In this way, with the emergence of Lord Dhanvantri, Sanatan, meaningful and eternal Ayurveda also emerged, who has protected the health and culture of the people from its origin till date. In the current era, the teachings of Ayurveda are equally virtuous and eternal, as their rules of nature. Lord Dhanvantri divides Ayurveda into eight limbs, from which the contents of Ayurveda are simple, accessible and utilized. His fame became so widespread that the community started operating under the name of them.

Celebrating the birth anniversary of Lord Dhanvantri ji and special pooja - Archana, on the day of Trayodashi, the Krishna side of the Kartik month, means the first happiness, healthy work and prosperity for every human being.In order to honor the individuals / institutions for outstanding contribution in the field of Ayurvedic medicine, education and research and research by the state government, 'Dhanvantarathi Samman' has been established in memory of Deodulya Lord Dhanvantri.

Samman Intake

Fafadih District-Raipur
Raipur Chhattisgarh
Rajendra Nagar Chowk, Bilaspur

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