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Pt. Lakhanlal Mishra Samman

Pt. Lakhan Lal Mishra, who made an unprecedented contribution to the Chhattisgarh region, to liberate Bharat Mata from the slavery of the British by dedicating his government job to British rule in the Indian independence war, was born in village-murra, tehsil and district-Raipur. It was on September 24, 1909. After passing primary examination, they went to Raipur to study in the middle.

In 1920 the National School of Raipur was the center of student movement in the fight for independence. The students there used to wear khadi cap and Vande Mataram proclaimed, according to their ability, they used to contribute to the Mahasam of Independence. At that time, the detachment of students in Raipur was known as the Vanar Sena. English - Police of Raj was harassed by the Vanar Sena of Raipur, whose active member was also M / s.

In 1930, after passing the Intermediate examination from Irving College, Allahabad, he was appointed as Deputy Inspector in the Police Department in 1932-33. Even while working as a police officer, Ms Jee's mind always kept screaming to see Bharat Mata free. On December 15, 1945, Congress leader Shri R.K. Patil's fort arrives. Police officer Lakhanlal Mishra was posted in Thana-Kotwali, District-Durg, in charge of the charge.

They were wearing Vande Mataram while wearing a garment of cotton yarn, and greeted by Mahatma Gandhi's jai, Bharatmata ji's proclamation. This incident alerted the British government Mr. Mishra removed the uniform of the police and left the police department's job and jumped into the freedom struggle. This adventure was appreciated by the great people like Mahatma Gandhi, Acharya Vinoba Bhave, Harivishnu Kamath, in Shegaon, Wardha, and welcomed his participation in freedom struggle.

Instead of resigning from government service and joining the freedom struggle, he did not take any governmental gain for himself and his family after independence and continued to work in the interest of the farmers of the area.

Samman Intake

Lormi, Mungeli
Newai, Thana Utai, District Durg
Inspector Police Station Dallirajhara
The then Assistant Sub Inspector, Kosir, Raigarh
Inspector, Durg

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