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Kishore Sahu Rastriya Alankaran

Kishore Sahu, born on November 22, 1915, in Durg district of Chhattisgarh, is a versatile gifted personality of Indian cinema. Legend of the film writer, hero, producer and director. Successful directing of actor and 20 films in 22 films. Film career starts as an actor with Bombay Talkies' famous actress Devikarani. Reunion, Sindoor, Raja, Kunwara Baap, Mayurpanch, Bujdil, Sapna, Kalighat, Hamlet, Sawan Aaya Ray, etc. The selection of the movie Peacock feathers for the world's prestigious Kon Film Festival. In the role of Kamini Kaushal, popularly known for her age, alongside Dilip Kumar, in 1948, built the foundation for the introduction of a new era by bringing Chhattisgarhi costumes, dialogues and songs alive. Simpi honored as your movie Sindoor, Best Film and Best Director. Kali Sahu's talent, originality and dedication in script writing, production and direction for films like Kalighat, Bujdil, Saajan, Dil Apna and Preet Parai, Poonam's night, green glass bangles, is an image of the identity of Chhattisgarh's Asmita. Keeping in view their motivational activities, the Chhattisgarh Government has established Kishore Sahu Rastriya Alankaran in the memory of creative, writing, acting, screenplay and production in Hindi / Chhattisgarh Best Film Nirdeshak and Cinema.

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