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Madhukar Kher Memorial Award

Madhukar Kher was born on 12th February, 1928 in Raipur. M.A. After the introduction of Political Science, the beginning of journalism - in the year 1948, weekly epoch of Nagpur and Hindustan news from Mahakalokal. Daily era religion from 1950 and daily in English daily Nagpur Times There was an independent representation of Daily Hitabad, Indian Express, Mumbai, Indian Express, Delhi and Vijayanagaram. The Times of India, Mumbai Telegraph, Kolkata, Madhya Pradesh Chronicle, Bhopal National Herald, Motherland, Gujarati, Janmabhoomi and News Agency Press Trust of India correspondent from 1953.

Tide Mumbai, March of Nation, Kirt, Blitz, Organizer, Sunday (Kolkata) Enlighten (Baroda) Jwala (Nagpur) Self. K.P. Written by Narayanan in the Midland (Bhopal) The Week, Onlukar (Mumbai) Dharmayuga and Illustrated Weekly, many times wrote special reports.

The founder member of the Shramjeevi Journalist Association (Vidarbha) and the founding member of Raipur Shramjeevi Journalist Association in the formerly Madhya Pradesh.

Establishment of Durg and Raipur branches in 1950-51. Avoided personal opinion in journalism. Therefore, continue to represent conflicting letters like National Herald and Motherland of New Delhi, both editors' information. In those days in the family, even after having low income in journalism, the revered self. Vitthalrao Kher and mother Self. Mrs. Manorama Kher was

encouraged by this. The whole family is interested in journalism. Jyeshtha Bharat Kamlakar Kher, son Milind Kher, daughter-in-law Mrs. Mamta Govardhan is in journalism. In 1963 a weekly issue was brought out.

On the request of Makhanlal Chaturvedi Journalism University wrote a booklet called Correspondent, which was accepted by him for the course. Apart from journalism, there was a hobby of writing a play, article and feature. His publication was in Dharmayuga, Weekly Hindustan, Sarita, Nowadays, Kadambini etc. Stories were also broadcast from AIR. For journalism Mr. Kher was given the Kedia Journalism Award Raigarh and Nandakumar Pathak Memorial Journalism Award, Central India scenario.

In the past, the Balraj Sahni Memorial Journalism Award was politely rejected with the explanation that he had a lot to do in the field of journalism. After a brief illness on March 31, 1996. Raipur Press-Club Building is named after him in his memory. Madhukar Kher Smruti Bhawan has been constructed. Chhattisgarh Government has established the Madhukar Kher Memorial Journalism Award in the field of print and electronic media - English in his memory.

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