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Pachrahi    District :Kabirdham   Place : Bordla

Archaeological site of Pachrahi district headquarter Kabirdham, about 45 km from Vikaskhand bordla. At the distance of the Hap is situated on the right bank of the river. Under the Directorate, Culture and Archeology, Raipur (2007 to 2011), excavation of Pacharahi, rich in cultures and festivals ofKaluchuri and Phaning Dynasty, has been completed.A site museum has been established by the Directorateof Culture and Archeology on the site of the Purshartha, with the purpose of making public and general researchers, historians, archaeologists and tourists aware of the antiquities and compiled ancient religions in excavation. These available antiquities, statues have been displayed in various books. Padmavati (pavaiya) is often named as the place of Nagavans etc. And detailed lists and coins of Padmavati Nageshakas are also received. It can not be said definitively how Nagvansh arrived in Chhattisgarh. But here two mentions of Dwavans are found, which is famous in the form of Nagnavshani of Bastar and Fanni Dynasty rulers of Kavdharda. It was not clear what was the relationship between them even after the almost contemporary dynasty.In the 12th-13th century AD this dynasty emerged in this quadrel which is known as Funnagavsh. C.G. The inscribed inscriptions obtained from Mandva Mahal situated near Chiragao of Kabirdham district are proof of this state, this inscription has been engraved in Vikrama Sankranta about 1406 (1349 AD).A Shiva temple was built by Raja Ramchandra Deo. For the maintenance of this temple, he had also donated some villages. They were married to the Heyyavanshi princess Ambikadevi and the faniinagavanshi were the peasants of the rulers of Ratanpur, they are also known from the records. In this inscription, there is a detailed genealogy of this dynasty.Besides the description of the birth of Nagraj and Mithila, two daughters of Sen Jatukarna in inscriptions, the names of the following rulers are inscribed: 1. Ahiraj, 2. Rajlah, 3. Dhanidhar, 4. Mahamdev, 5. Shakti Chandra, 6. Gopaldev, 7. Naldev, 8. Bhubanpal, 9. Artificer, 10. Jayatrapal, 11. Mahipal, 12. Jindal,13. Janh, 14. Janpal, 15. Yashraj, 16. Kannadev (Nakaddev) 17. Lakshmi Verma, 18. Kharagdev, Bhavnayakamall, 20. Arjuna, 21. Bhima, 22. Banquet, 23. Lakshman, 24. Ramchandra , 25. Arjun.Statues of Naresh Gopaldev and Yashoraj of this dynasty have been found. One of these statues is from Gopaldev- which is kept in the house of Bhormadev temple. This temple is in Chapri village of Kawardha district.Its period 840 (Kalchuri Samvat)  and the second statue is of Yashoraj, which is in Sahaspur village and many inscriptions of Gopaldev have been received in Chhattisgarh.Keeping in view the archaeological significance of Pacharahi, located in Kabirdham district, in the above historical scenario, in 2007-2010, under the direction of Shri S. S. Yadav, Deputy Director, Directorate, Culture and Archeology, and in the year 2010-11. (SMT) Bharati Shroti, Archaeologist, Directorate, Culture and Archaeological Survey of Excavation concluded.

Tarighat    District :Durg   Place : Patan Teshil

Tarighat is an important archaeological site located in Patan tehsil of Durg district. Tarighat is situated on the banks of Kharun river. It is about 32 km from Raipur. Located at the distance of Abhanpur-Patanroad, from the beginning of 2013, from the excavation work in At ghatta, along with the information of the first second century BC East Bengal, along with the tehsin mercury, the various materials related to soil toys, iron materials and public life light Have come in.From a series of residential buildings built on site, it is known that it will be an important business center in ancient ears.