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Scheme for Preservation of Heritage
Proposal for XIIth Finance Commission (Year 2006-07 to 2009-10)
Department of Culture
Government of Chhattisgarh, Raipur
Scheme for Preservation of Heritage Proposal for XIIth Finance Commission
(Year 2006-07 to 2009-10)

Introduction - The Chhattisgarh region (19'45'-23'15' N: 80'25'-84'20' E) comprising 16 districts including Raipur, Bilaspur, Durg, Raigarh, Rajnandgaon, Sarguja, Bastar has an east-west extent of 385 km. and north-south extent of 550 km. and covers an area of 72940 sq. km. The geological formations in the area start from the Archaeans till the late Pleistocene, encompassing Dharwas, Cuddapahs, Gondwanas, Traps etc. The region abounds in rich archaeological sites and cultural heritage points right from the Palaeolithic upto the Historical period, varied fauna and flora, rich forests, fertile black soil, tropical red and yellow soils and rich mineral wealth. Since ancient times people from all over India have been coming to this place and settling down here. In the ancient times this area was first known as Dandakaranya and later on Dakshin Kosal.

The art heritage of Chhattisgarh is very ancient and goes back to prehistoric period. The cave paintings of Kabra Pahad and Singhanpur are about ten thousand years old. The art history of this region starts from early Gupta period and it may be older than that. The inscribed Vishanu icon of Malhar is of one hundred years B.C. which belongs to pregupta period.

Chhattishgarh has many important sites of archaeological importance. Malhar, Sirpur, Barsur, Dipadiha, Ratanpur, Rajim, Bhoramdeo are rich sites. Budhism, Jainism, Hinduism and tribalism have all flourished together in the region. We witness a beautiful cultural amalgamation and symbiosis of different cultures. For 12th Finance commission we are proposing to submit projects for implementation for a period of four years.


Highlights of the Policy of the State of Chhattisgarh for Promotion and Encouragement of Cultural Activities : -

  1. 1The State will identify, recognize, document, revitalize present and disseminate the continuing cultural traditions of local communities.
  2. The State will try to work around existing cultural landscapes, festivals and institutions, rather than create new ones to replace them.
  3. The State will be a catalytic agent, to support and advance the traditional connection among communities, between their life and their arts, and between forms and functions of these arts.
  4. The State will further cross disciplinary dialogues, inter institutional networking and decentralized field activity to replenish community identities.
  5. The unique identity and polyvalence of the culture of Chhattisgarh will be promoted alongside its relationships and exchanges with cultural provinces and neighborhoods of adjacent states of Chhattisgarh. The community cultural identity and landscape of Chhattisgarh will be presented in the national and global perspective.
  6. Bridges will be developed among dialects, and scripts will be developed for unscripted dialects. Relations will be promoted with hill and forest based communities from the newly formed states, and from other states of the country, and with indigenous tribal and analogous communities from other parts of the world.
  7. The cultural programmes will be implemented through co-directed initiatives with local communities.
  8. There will be a multi dimensioned cultural council with an interdisciplinary committee of advisers of eminence and it will be manned by people of high caliber, drawn from different arts and disciplines. This center will promote community specific cultural programmes with cross-disciplinary content, in hills and forests, in urban, suburban and rural areas.
  9. Protection will be offered not only to monuments but also to important cultural and physical landscapes and attempt will be made to promote recognition of relict and associated landscapes as World Heritage sites.
  10. Chhattisgarh itself being treated as a living museum space, the in-situ and ex-situ exhibition and dissemination initiatives, will be designed as exercises in problem assessment and resolution, and not as passive displays.
  11. Culture will neither be treated as a commodity nor as a product, but as a living ongoing process. Encouragement will be given to cultural research and literacy, appreciation and research, therapy and training, publication, counseling and advocacy. The linkages, connecting cultural strategies with poverty alleviation, livelihood security, inter group harmony and coexistence; will form planks for policies and programs.

The Department of Culture has undertaken different activities that include : -

  1. Maintenance and conservation of the heritage, ancient monuments and historic site of Chhattisgarh;
  2. Promotion of literary, visual and performing arts;
  3. Administration of Mahant Sarveshwardas Library, Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum, Raipur, Bilaspur Museum & JagdalJagdalpur Museum including Purkhauti Muktangan;
  4. Maintenance, preservation and conservation of the archival records;
  5. Protection, conservation and documentation of cultural property;
  6. Observation of different national and state festivals;
  7. Promotion of institutional and individual initiatives in the fields of art and culture.

Thus, the functional spectrum of the Department is rather wide, ranging from generating cultural awareness at the grassroots level to promoting cultural exchanges at an international level. Along with programmes for the preservation of ancient heritage of the state, the activities of the Department encourage and disseminate a variety of contemporary creative arts as well. The Department's aim is to develop ways and means through which the basic cultural and aesthetic sensibilities of the people remain active and dynamic.

During the year 2004-05 the Department accomplished considerable work in a variety of spheres.

  1. Maintenance, Conservation and preservation of 58 state protected monuments/sites and remains;
  2. Conducting archaeological explorations at distt. Durg, Jashpur & Bastar extensive including survey of rock shelters at Surguja, Raigarh and Megalithic sites at Durg & Bastar was completed;
  3. Excavation work at Sirpur was started after the gap of 50 years;
  4. Chemical conservation was conducted at Shiv Temple Uraotola, Shiv Temple Ghatiyari, Kapileshwar Temple group Baloda, Shiv Temple Palari & Durg and of Museum specimens at Raipur Museum;
  5. The following publication were brought out by the department:- Ancient Coins of Chhattisgarh, Rajim, Rudra Shiva of Tala, Radha-Vinod, Epics and archaeology
  6. Seminars cum workshop titled two days National Seminar on Ancient Coins of Chhattisgarh, three days National Seminar on epics andarchaeology were organised, in addition to several in house seminars and lectures on archaeology.
  7. During the year Department organised exhibition on Cultural Heritage of Chhattisgarh at Ujjain, exhibition on Lord Buddha, Jain art and architecture in Chhattisgarh, Ancient coins, Epics and Archaeology.
  8. Works relating to maintenance and conservation of archaeological sites have been revitalised. During the year conservation and structurer repairs Shiva Temple Uraotola, Samat sarna group Deepadih, Chherki Mahal & Mandawa Mahal Kabirdham, Shiva Temple Tala etc. was completed.
  9. During the period more than 300 trainees were trained in modeling. Models of Sita-Hanuman at Ashokwatika were prepared and made ready for sale in the museum's ale counter. About 15 feet height Model of famous Bhoramdev Temple was prepared in the premises of MGM Museum.
  10. For better protection & conservation of archaeological findings, it is necessary to establish museum in every distt. of the state. With this aim culture department provided funds to Vice-chanceller Khairagarh University and collectors of Rajnandgoan, Janjgeer-Champa, Mahasamund, Kanker, Sarguja, Raigarh, Koria, Bilaspur distt.

In spite of limited staff and infrastructure, Culture department played vital role in the preservation & conservation of tangible and intangible heritage of the state by organising several successful cultural presentations, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, seminars and publications, departmentally and by funding different groups & organisations. Endeavored to promote folk and tribal arts and crafts and oral traditional which are threatened with extinction.

Cultural Programme -
7 days 'Rajyotsva 2004', 5 days National Drama Festival, 3 days National Classical Music meet at Raipur, Pavas-Prasanga, Independence Day Cultural programme, Folk Dances at Governor House, Dance and Music Programme at Chhattisgarh Assembly, 'Rastra Ka Hunkar' -A Mega play based on patriotism played on the eve of Republic Day etc.

Workshop -
To promote and develop traditional crafts several workshop of traditional Dhokara, Rot Iron, Terracotta craft persons of Chhattisgarh well organise from time to time. besides organising National workshop of craft men e.g. 'Shilp Madai 2004' , one month training on traditional crafts was also organise in which about 400 trainees participated (Akar 2004),

Seminars -
Seminar on Padumlal Punnalal Bakhshi, Madhav Sapre, Dwarika Prasad Tiwari 'Vipra' , Chhattisgarhi Language and Culture, Muktibodh and several other topics well organise.

Exhibition -
'Sihasth 2004', Ujjain, 'Mahaveer Jayanti', 'Bhuddha Jayanti', Exhibition on Postal Ticket based on freedom struggle, Photography Exhibition based on the dramatist of National fame, Chhattisgarhi Pakwan, Photography Exhibition based on the classical artist of National fame, Guru Ghasidas

Publication -
Chhattisgarh Rajya Prerak Vibhutian & Samman Pustika, Ek lalten ke sahare (a book based on famous Hindi writer Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh), Republic day publication, Bihaniya (quarterly magazine base on culture, art, tradition and archaeology of Chhattisgarh)

Grants -
Culture Department also provided grants to several cultural organisatons/persons for the purpose of promotion and dissemination of art and culture. In the year 2004-05 Department provided grants of 77 persons/organisations.

Modernisation of facilities at campus library has been taken up and the thrust on computerisation of various routine & specific activities was continued, in order to improve the overall efficiency of the Department.

Culture Department made extra efforts to popularise the activities of the department, resulting in an increased influx of visitors to see the museum and growing participation in various workshops, cultural presentation, crafts demonstration etc.

Current Financial Year -
The Department of Culture has undertaken different activities the field of Archaeology, Performing Arts and Traditional Crafts. Excavation as well as conservation works at Sirpur are completed. Conservation works at several protected monuments e.g. Bhoramdeo, Devrani-Jethani, Tala, Chherka Deour Temple, Gudiyari Temple, Kesharpal, Bastar, Shiv Temple, Chhindgaon, Laxmaneshar Temple, Kharod, Shiv Temple, Harratola, Devrali Temple, Bastar etc. are in progress. In the current financial year 2005-06 Department has organised several successful cultural presentations, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, seminars and publications departmentally and by funding different groups and organisations.

Proposal for the year 2006-07

To fulfill the objectives and policies for promotion, preservation and conservation of Art and Culture besides Cultural Presentation, Exhibitions, Workshops, Seminars, Publications and providing assistance to deferent organisation, several new scheme which will be undertaken in the year 2006-07 are given below -

  • Development of MGM Museum Raipur- Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum Raipur is the oldest and largest museum of old Madhya Pradesh. At present steps are being taken for making proposals to the Government for getting financial assistance for various improvements in Museum buildings like (i) Extension of Museum Building, (ii) Development of Anthropological Gallery, (iii) Modernization of the Galleries, (iv) Establishment of Museum Library, (v) Purchase of Equipment etc. This will facilitate a proper repository facility for the museum collection of antiquities which will undoubtedly swell as time goes by.

    At present the Museum of Bilaspur and Jagdalpur are very small and are not up to the mark. The development Anthropological Galleries and upgradation of Museums is being proposed by the department to up grade these museums. (Proposed under main account head 2205, scheme 5377- Tribals sub plan)
  • Allocation of funds is required for construction of additional hall and strengthening of the infrastructure, furniture, fixtures and office equipments and other amenities in the buildings at Mahant Sarveshwar Das Library, Raipur. (Proposed under main account head 2205, scheme 4513- Public Library)
    Museum Cum Cultural Centre At Ambikapur - At present Departmental archaeological museum are situated Raipur, Bilaspur and Jagdalpur. A New Departmental Anthropological and Archaeological Museum at Ambikapur is proposed in the financial year 2006-07. All the four Museums will be developed as cultural centre to act as a cultural agency in that reason. These Museum cum Cultural Centres will ultimately work as regional directorate office. The staff component for functioning of these regional offices will be made available within the sanctioned strength of the Departments. (Proposed under main account head 2205, scheme 5377- Tribals sub plan)
  • Purkhauti Muktangan - A site 20 kms south east of Raipur, is planned as an open air precinct on an almost plain land. This piece of land will provide a constantly shifting canvas for exhibitions showing the continuity of geological and archaeological resources, primitive tribal art and knowledge systems, the contemporary cultures and life sustaining practices in diverse temporal and spatial zones.

    Panels, charts, models showing different geological features, heritage sites, indigenous knowledge systems, herbal medicine, agriculture, irrigation etc. will form various components of the display. Flood history, tectonic history, vegetation history, life of the rivers and mountains, will have a place in the exhibition. To achieve this end steps have been taken to build a Guest house, storage buildings, compound wall with stories of tribal mythological trails depicted in art, landscaping of the area and its demarcation in various zones for housing components like Khel Gudi, Dev Gudi, Orissa Rath, Bastar Ghoutul, Rajasthan house etc. Allotment of fund is required for further developmental works as per the plan. (Proposed under main account head 2205, scheme 5377- Tribals sub plan)
  • Multi Cultural Complex - Multi cultural Complex is a institution where various type of cultural activities including exhibitions collection, display, organization of workshop. will take place. Its name is "Chhattisagarh Bahu Ayami Sanskriti Sansthan, Raipur". This is a registered institution and its executive body is being organized. Central Govt. is in principle agreed with the scheme and has sanctioned Rs. 5.00 Crore for this purpose. Land is also selected for construction of this institution at Raipur. The State and Centre will bear fifty - fifty percent expenditure. As the total cost of the project is around Rs. 10.00 cr. So rest of the amount will be needed in next two year to complete this projects. (Proposed under main account head 2205, Scheme 3077- Multicultural Complex)
    Repair, Rehabilitation of Records and Preparation of Micro films- State Archives wing is a small but important wing of culture department. Main job of the wing is to survey the archival records, other archival offices and to collect them. All kinds of restoration works, preparation of Microfilming, Micro fetching, Photocopying and computerization of the records are also important works. The concerned officer or employee should provide the records or extract demanded by Historians, Researchers or by the public. To organize the exhibitions of historical and important records and to apply the record management system in state is also important duty. Preventive and curative system of conservation should be adopted for archival records. It is proposed to establish one micro film unit and to setup a photographic archives at Raipur. (Proposed under main account head 2205, scheme 2832-Photographic cell & 598- Excavation and Survey )
  • Documentation Works - During the year 2006-07 Culture Department propose to prepare films on the state protected monuments Documentation of vanishing folk & tribal arts and oral traditions which are threatened with extinction is also proposed. (Proposed under main account head 2205, scheme 2832-Photographic cell & 5753- Grant for Samaroh)
  • Light & Sound Programme Based On The History And Culture Of Chhattisgarh - Installation of high quality light and sound programme based on the history and culture of Chhattisgarh is proposed during the next financial year. (Proposed under main account head 2205, scheme 3594-Mela/ Festival/ Exhibition)